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100% recycled and recyclable

4-tray plant shelves

4-tray plant shelves

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Create your own 4-tray modular plant shelf and assemble it in just 5 minutes. Choose:

  • Color: white, black, gray or pine bark.
  • Watering system: programmable drip watering, smart drip watering or manual watering.

Modular and customizable design to fit perfectly in your space. Save water and nutrients with the drip irrigation system. Made in Spain with 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene and beech wood with PEFC ecological seal. Assembled by people with functional diversity.

With your CitySens modular plant shelf you support the circular economy and promote social inclusion.

  • Circular Economy
  • Social Inclusion
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  • Programmable self-watering

    Achieve Perfect Plant Watering with the Digital Water Timer.
    Up to 38 days of autonomy: the water level indicates when to add more water and nutrients.
    Schedules up to 16 weekly waterings.

  • Smart self-watering

    Alexa: water the plants.
    The most convenient way to water your plants.
    Includes Wi-Fi programmer and App for iOS and Android that connects to Alexa and Google Assist.

  • Manual watering

    Embrace tranquility as you water and care for your plants.
    Water your plants one by one, according to their watering needs. You can use the shelf's tray as a watering tray.

A customizable plant stand to suit your needs

  • Play with the angles of the trays to give an original and stable structure to your shelf.
  • If you make it grow vertically, do not forget to anchor it to the wall with adhesive brackets or hooks.
  • Play with the weight of your plants to give it more stability. Place the heaviest plants in the lower trays.
  • If you use the trays as a watering tray, place plants with similar watering needs together and use the edge of the tray to place plants that have hangers.
  • Save time and water with the invisible drip irrigation and get the most out of your shelf.


Modular plant shelf:

  • 4 shelves to enjoy 2 to 5 plants on each shelf.
  • 3 connectors to put the different shelves and rods together
  • 8 long wooden rods to put the trays together
  • 4 short wooden rods to play with the height of your shelves
  • User manual with assembly examples

If you need more connectors or wooden rods to give the shape you want to your new shelf, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments before finalizing your order.

Drip Irrigation

  • Digital or Wi-Fi irrigation programmer
  • Water tank
  • Wooden lid
  • Water level indicator
  • Water pump
  • 5 meters of watering tube
  • 6 3-way connectors
  • 1 4-way connector
  • 6 pressure compensated drippers
  • 6 attachment pins

The pressure-compensated drippers give the same flow rate regardless of the height or position of the dripper but should not be placed higher than 1.2m from the water tank.