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Premium Soil Mix for Monstera, Philodendron, Syngonium and more!

Premium Soil Mix for Monstera, Philodendron, Syngonium and more!

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🌿 Promote the growth of your Aroid plants with our specially crafted soil blend! 🌿

Are you a passionate plant enthusiast? Then you need our Aroid Plant Mix! This is specifically designed for your Epipremnum, Philodendron, and Monstera plants, taking plant care seriously.

What makes our soil blend special?

✅ Unique Recipe: Our soil blend for Aroid plants contains a carefully crafted formula for optimal growth. It consists of:

🌱 Plant soil ⚪ Perlite ✨ Vermiculite 🌳 Rain forest substrate

This specific combination provides your plants with the right nutrients, aeration, and moisture retention they need to thrive.

✅ Enriched with cinnamon and charcoal: Promotes plant health and reduces the risk of pests like fungal nematodes.

✅ Balanced nutrients: Ensures lush growth and vibrant leaves.

✅ Optimal moisture retention: Maintains the right moisture level for Aroid plants.

✅ Easy to use: Just fill the pot and transplant your favorite plants.

Give your Aroid plants what they deserve! 🌱

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